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The Forums

UltraCorps has its own built-in forum software. Use of the forums is subject to the Social Rules, and inappropriate postings will get you booted from the game without refund . . . so please be civil!

There are three types of forum:

  • Open Forums for UltraCorps as a whole. Anyone with a valid account can read the general forums. You cannot post until you have completed a solo game; in theory, this will weed out most of the spammers. These are the forums for announcements, general discussion, and so on.
  • Elite Forums for the Elite subscribers only. These will discuss Elite-only games, the features that are available only to the Elite subscribers, and whatever else the Elite decide to talk about.
  • In-Game Forums for specific games. Every game (except solos!) has a forum. The owner of the game has administrative powers. Anyone in the game can read or post. If you're not in a game, its forums won't be visible to you at all. (Since there can be hundreds of PUB games going on at any one time, this is a very good thing . . .)

Forum Controls

We expect most of our readers are already familiar with forums. A few specific notes about this system:

  • The system keeps track of which messages you have read (though it assumes that if you have viewed a page, you have read all the messages on it). If a topic has new messages, there will be a link after its title, saying, for instance, 10 new. If you click on that link, you will jump to the new messages in that topic.
  • In the Open and Elite Forums your username shows on your messages. In the In-Game Forums, your game alias appears instead.

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