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Joining a Game

The Games section, in the right column of the Lobby, has links to let you join all three types of UltraCorps game:
  • Solo games. You can create a solo for yourself at any time, and you automatically join it. More information about solo games is here.
  • PUB games. These are games for two to six players. Some are open, and some are private. More information about PUB games, and details about joining, are here.
  • Ring games and mega-games. Rings are games for 20 or more players . . . and megas are for hundreds! Many of these games have eligibility requirements, and normally you must be a subscriber to play. Those you are eligible for will be listed under Games You Can Join. More information about ring games is here. Information about mega-games is here.

Game Information Pages

When you click on the name of a mega-game or ring game in the lobby, or of a PUB game from the PUB page, you will go to its Game Information Page. From within a game, its Game Information Page can be reached from ComNet or by clicking the game name wherever it appears.

This page gives specific information about each UltraCorps game, such as:

  • Who is eligible to play.
  • Starting time, current turn, number of turns, and frequency of turns.
  • Maximum and current number of players.
  • Next tick.
  • Whether the economic rules are in use.
  • Victory conditions and point scores.
  • Any special scenario rules.
  • Any new or changed units or X-factors.

There is no Game Information Page for solo games.

Actually Joining

If you are eligible to join a game (either because you meet its requirements or you've been invited) there will be a Join Game link at the bottom of the Game Information Page.

Joining PUB Games:

When you join, you will first choose your alias, your race, and your homeworld name and type. Then you'll go to your homeworld, where you can examine the game map, check out your neighbors, and issue your first commands for production and movement.

Joining Ring and Mega-Games:

Larger games have a "joining period" before the map becomes visible. Everyone will get to see the map at the same time. When you click the Join Game button, you will choose your race, your game alias, and your homeworld name and type. You will be able to join the forum for that game. You will not be able to see the game map, because it won't be created until the joining period is over. Homeworlds are assigned randomly, so your map location doesn't depend on when you signed up.

Once the game starts, you will have the standard tick period - usually one day - to review the map, contact your neighbors, and issue your first orders.


Naming Yourself and Your Homeworld
Choosing a Race

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