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Permanent Standings: Average, Master Points, and XP

Subscribers can accumulate three types of permanent scores. These are called "standings." Your own standings appear on your Player Profile. The highest-rated players are shown on the Standings page. (Players who are not subscribers will not appear in the standings after beta is over.)

It will be possible to create games that are limited to players with high (or low) scores in any standing.

Average Rating

At the end of each mega-game, your "rating" for that game is computed (see Scoring Points and Winning). The winner scores 100; everyone else scores between 1 and 99, depending on where they are in the pack.

Your Average Rating shows how well you have been playing. It is the average of your ratings in the last 10 mega-games you played. A talented beginner will have a good average immediately, and as a player improves, his average will slowly move up, with the lower scores from his early games dropping off. An average of 90, for instance, means that on the average you are playing better than 90% of the other players.

If You Don't See Yourself In The Standings

If there is an asterisk by your Average, it means it won't be visible on the overall Standings page. This might be because:

  • You have to be a subscriber to show up in the standings (former subscribers, or beta players, still keep their Average, but it doesn't show up).
  • You must have finished at least two mega games before your Average shows in the rankings.

  • Only active players appear in the standings. If you have not finished a mega in the last three months, your Average does not show in the standings.

Master Points

Your Master Points total is an indicator of dedication to the game. A high MP total could mean either great skill, or lots of playing time, or both.

10% of your average rating at the end of each mega-game, rounded to the next point, goes into your permanent Master Point total. (An estimate of the Master Points you will earn for an ongoing game is shown on Com-Net each turn, as Projected MP.) Only the game winner can earn 10 MP; everyone else earns between 1 and 9 MP.

Note that ANY game that you finish will increase your MP total, even if you do so badly that it brings down your Average.

We will also do special events, such as solo competitions, and give MP to the winners.

Experience Points

Your XP rating indicates how much you have given back to the game! XP is a measure of player experience and contribution to the community . . . which is NOT the same as how well you play. At some point, players with the highest XP will be invited into special playtest games.

XP is scored as follows:

  • 5 XP for finishing your first solo game.
  • 5 XP for finishing your first solo game in good time (12 worlds in 12 turns)
  • 5 XP and a permanent badge for finishing your first solo game in very good time (12 worlds in 8 turns)
  • 10 XP and a permanent badge for finishing your first solo game in excellent time (12 worlds in 7 turns)
  • 15 XP and a permanent badge for finishing your first solo game in amazing time (12 worlds in 6 turns)
  • 20 XP and a permanent badge for finishing your first solo game in frightening time (12 worlds in 5 turns)
  • 1 XP for each turn you play in a mega-game or ring game, as long as you control at least one world. No XP is granted on turns where you have no worlds.
  • 5 XP for each mega-game or ring game you finish, as long as you control at least one world at the end.
  • 5 XP per month you are a paying subscriber, whether you play any big games or not. This rewards those who prefer to participate via PUB games; they are still supporting the community and the game!
  • XP will also be awarded by the administrators for winning creative contests, for service to the community, and possibly for other reasons. Hide and watch!

Permanent Standings and Ring Games

A ring game of 20 players or more also counts for permanent standings, though not as much as a mega-game:
  • It does not affect your Average Rating at all.
  • Only the winner receives Master Points (typically 10 Master Points to the winner, but this may vary from game to game).
  • Experience Points are granted normally in a ring game.

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