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Unowned Worlds (alias "Nobody")

Unowned worlds are yellow on the Star Map. When the game begins, all worlds except homeworlds will be yellow. If you look at one of these worlds, the owner will be shown as "Nobody."

At the start of the game, all these worlds have Ultranium, population, and various units. Every turn, each unowned world will produce more Ultranium and population, becoming a more valuable prize. A "Nobody" world will have licenses for all the units that are defending it, and it can build these units for you after you conquer it.

"Nobody" worlds do not launch attacks against players, but will defend themselves if attacked. Early in the game, they will not even build new units. After the first 10 turns (or so . . . it may vary!) the Nobody worlds will usually start autobuilding, producing more units to defend themselves with. If a Nobody world remains unconquered for long enough, it will turn its whole Ultranium stockpile into defensive units. At that point, it will be very hard to take, and there won't be much loot to be gained.

If a player quits (see below), the Nobody worlds in his cluster will start autobuilding immediately, which reduces the advantage that neighboring empires might get from a quitter.

The owner of a PUB game can choose whether Nobody worlds will autobuild.

Deleted Player

If a player quits the game, he cannot join it again. His empire will still appear on the map, but he cannot issue any further commands. Clicking on the player's name in the places it still appears (such as on the Star Map or a Battle Report) will take you to a list of deleted players.

A player is not "deleted" if he is eliminated during play. Even if you have no fleets or worlds left, you will still have an Empire page for that game, preserving the badges you won and your battle record.

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