The calm, rational Orn think first of defense, but an Orn warlord can be a formidable attacker as well.

The Orn starting fleet is built around the gigantic Orn Moon Gun, or OMG for short. As long as some fodder is provided to support the OMG, an Orn homeworld remains virtually impregnable until foes have created serious attack fleets. Thus, the Orn is a good race for players who are willing to sacrifice some early expansion for homeworld security. The Orn also start with the Thirus All-Purpose Saucer, a flexible transport unit that is also effective in combat and gets a defensive bonus when piloted by Orn.

Thirus Saucers in Orn fleets get +10 DF.

CPX for the Orn Moon Gun is halved for Orn players.

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EI: 40, RER: 200


500 Population
400 Ultranium
15 Boron Recon Buggy
3 Cargo Booster
1 Orn Moon Gun
5 Thirus All-Purpose Saucer
15 WarMek