The batlike Mah-Tog start with a large population and a huge supply of Ultranium, but no units except a sensor and some defensive ground-to-space artillery.

This is the race to choose if you want to build a customized starting fleet. Only two cautions: remember that since you start without space travel capability, your expansion will be delayed for at least a turn . . . and remember that rival warlords will look with longing on the great resources of your homeworld. Protect it!

Mah-Tog get a 10% increase in RER on all worlds they control.

Mah-Tog may purchase any non-race-specific license beginning on turn 1. Note that the economy does not apply to units that are not generally available, so prices on those units will not increase/decrease until the unit becomes available to all players.

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EI: 20, RER: 200


1000 Population
3000 Ultranium
1 EDM Sensor-200
5 HEW Upgrade Kit
10 HEW-9 Eliminator