Updated 11-17-2009

We know about these bugs, so you don't need to report them. If you notice a new bug, please send mail to help@ultracorps.com. Be sure that BUG is in the title of your mail.

Isn't it wonderful? No known bugs at all right now except the missing art. We're sure some more will appear.

  • Art Bug - The Blood 99 Turret and N-Class v3 use the same illustration, and the Scuttler has temporary art (we love it, but it's temporary). We also need more Nozama images. Priority: low.

Commonly Reported Bugs That Aren't

  • Firepower Doesn't Add Up - This is our most commonly reported bug. It's not a bug :-) A fleet is more effective than its separated units, and a fleet's firepower is greater than that of its components. See Firepower for more details.
  • Broken Map Images - Also not actually a bug. If you're getting broken maps, your browser is caching old pages. Please adjust your browser to check the page on the server every time.

Docco Issues

If you see a problem with the online help files, please report it to help@ultracorps.com.