Trademark and Copyright Information

UltraCorps is the property of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. All material in the UltraCorps game is copyright © 1998-2002 and 2005-2009 by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. All rights reserved.

UltraCorps and the all-seeing pyramid are registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

No portion of UltraCorps may be copied, reproduced or distributed except in accordance with the UltraCorps Limited Fan Page License below.

The characters and events in UltraCorps are entirely fictional. No similarity between any of the names, characters, persons, institutions or events in UltraCorps and those of any living or dead person or institution is intended, and any such similarity that may exist is purely coincidental. Except for the Orn, who really are based on the gray space aliens. Hello out there! We are friends! Do not send your Space Lawyers against us!

Many people have worked on UltraCorps over the years, and we would like to acknowledge their efforts. Here's a list.

UltraCorps Limited Fan Page License

Subscribers to UltraCorps are permitted - nay, encouraged! - to use the UltraCorps logo, artwork, and characters (including the names of races, units, and worlds) in connection with creating UltraCorps fan sites. No other use is authorized under this license, and no UltraCorps material may be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever without prior written permission of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

Any fan page using UltraCorps material must include the following notice:

This is an unofficial fan page. UltraCorps is the property of Steve Jackson Games, copyright © 1998-2002, 2005-2009. All rights reserved. The use of UltraCorps material herein is subject to a limited license and the SJ Games Online Policy. UltraCorps is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games.

(Note that there are links to the SJ Games home page and to the Online Policy in the notice . . . please leave them in.)

Any such site must also have a prominent link to the UltraCorps home page at http://www.ultracorps.com.

Steve Jackson Games retains the right to discontinue this license at any time for any reason.

For more information, please view our complete Online Policy.

UltraCorps Limited Wallpaper License

. . . is very simple. Subscribers to UltraCorps are free to use any of the hi-res race or unit pictures as wallpaper. (We mean desktop wallpaper, but if you print them out and stick them on your real walls, that's okay too.) We love it! However, you may not distribute these images in any fashion. In particular, you can't make them downloadable over the net, sell them, or include them on a disk of material which is sold! If your friends admire your fantastic desktop art, send them to www.ultracorps.com so we can recruit them into the Corps!