July 15, 2019: Diplomatic Voyage

The Ectonians have spent millennia in science expeditions. These have sometimes been cloaked (CNM) in the guise of diplomatic voyages. The Xiron have hoped to bring peace through healing in their missions of hope. The Sxull and Swampbeasts beg to differ. At one point defeating sludge was the goal. At another conquest was Job 1! Where do you stand within the spectrum? Is it war? Are you seeking understanding? Or do you want to bring healing and peace?
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

July 4, 2019: Hat Trick Or A Turkey?

Some players call three wins a Hat Trick, others call it a Turkey - but almost nobody says that to Undead Bones face! Congratulations on three wins in a row! A rare and monumental achievement! Summer game is a 12 man game starting soon and running through July. A new Mega game will commence on August 1st, open to joining around the 25th or so and closed to make your moves a couple days before the end of the month. Happy 4th of July!
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

June 20, 2019: News Addicts' Mega News

Mega News-- Feeding Frenzy, Turn 32!

When The Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Harvest Pie, That's Farstar!

- Commander Farstar crushed the defenses at Harvestmoon this past cycle, making sure the hapless natives got their recommended daily dose of Xiron.

Yaddra Yadda Yadda!

- The galaxy seems much smaller these days, especially as commanders vie for worlds before the Feeding Frenzy ends. Collisions and collusions abound, including what looks to be one at Yaddra, as the Placidest of Platypi crashed some ships into Ubones' assembled mighty fist. More seem likely. Placid Platypus told our reporter: "Welp. The future sure ain't what it used to be."

Well, That Was Cracky!

- An infinita went to Kraki this past tick, and fought an uphill battle against a small outpost of Starcharger's. It fought alone on the last two rounds of combat, and has been dubbed "The Fodder That Would Not Die."

Sponsor's corner-- This report brought to you by the Geico Insurance Agency: "So easy, even an Entradashar can do it." (Editor's note: We do not allow racist comments on the News Addicts' Mega News, but we do let people pay for advertisements to do so.)

Travail, UC News Reporter

June 11, 2019: News Addicts' Mega News

Mega News-- Feeding Frenzy, Turn 11!

Nobody Node Nothing!

- Placid Platypus flashed into Node with contrails blazing, dropping a whole mess of capable ground units to seize control of the planet!

Ariasa Erased!

- The defenses of Ariasa were swept away by the forces of Narcy7, mostly having been devoured by the copious scuttlers packed into the invasion fleet. The planet's effectively supported X fighters were no match for the determined commander.

Wardmeister Taught Just Who Is Meister!

- The excessively experienced Habig took his TAPS into Wardmeister, subjugating his natural inclination to abduct the populace in favor of simply 'abducting' control of the world.

Sponsor's corner-- This report brought to you by Bounty's Second-hand Weapons of Mass Destruction: "The quicker mopper-upper!"

Travail, UC News Reporter

June 5, 2019: News Addicts' Mega News

Mega News-- Turn 5!

Hipso, Facto!

- Placid Platypus demolished the population at Hipso during his victorious invasion, letting his ATR's run roughshod over everything, and everyone, in sight!

Caruso Likes 'Em Rondanwet!

- Commander Caruso took the fight to Rondanwet this past tick, capturing the planet in a swift victory which, nevertheless, left some troops stranded.

Sponsor's corner-- This report brought to you by TimeBnB, Inc.: "Belong Anywhen."

Travail, UC News Reporter

June 2, 2019: News Addicts' Mega News

Mega News-- Turn 2!

Liliput In Its Tiny, Little Place!

- Ubones unleashed his force on Li-li-fu, showing them a little of that ole Zenrin-fu. The natives turned over control to their new overlord happily when he spared all of the civilian population!

Zada Offers More Than Nada!

- The defenses of Zada gave a rather rough welcome to the liberating forces of Commander Koneko this past tick. Telekinetically-powered tanks and a bike carried the battle, though with moderate losses. (Editor's note: Too bad they weren't Precog tanks and bikes.)

For The Night Is Dark And Full Of Shade!

- Nozamamaster Malagster sent his forces into Nightshade, scoring a resounding victory against the indigenous troops. Early reports suggest the coopted military apparatus is getting set to crank out nozama fighters to propel further expansion.

Sponsor's corner-- This report brought to you by Depressed Barbers, Inc: "Parts are such sweet sorrow."

Travail, UC News Reporter

May 22, 2019: New Mega Game Feeding Frenzy!

A new Mega game will begin on June 1st of 2019 at 8 PM SJ Games time. A longer game, it will involve between 33 and 37 turns. The game is now open for joining. Feeding Frenzy will close to new players after noon on May 30th and the Acutron will populate a galactic matrix and you will be able to locate your home world about 8 PM on the 30th with a goal of having two full days to place your production orders, initiate diplomacy and deploy fleets of mercy. "In the animal kingdom, the rule is, eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom, define or be defined." What will happen in the world of Ultracorps?
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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